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Bracing and Casting

Orthopedic Technicians

Orthopedic Technologists

Your New West physician may order a brace or cast to treat your injury or condition. Most braces can be fitted on the same day as the appointment. Custom knee braces are special ordered and require 6-7 days for delivery. Braces and casts are applied by certified Athletic Trainers who have additional training as Orthopedic Technologists. They work with your physician to achieve the best fit. The Ortho Tech will also educate you in the proper use and application of the brace. A successful outcome is often determined by the patient's commitment to using a brace properly.

If you are scheduled for surgery and will wear a brace or sling after the procedure, you are fitted with the brace or sling before your surgery, usually at the time you meet with the Surgery Coordinator. This allows ample time for the Ortho Tech to fit your device properly, demonstrate its use, and answer any questions you may have. Your education is an important part of our service and patients retain instructions better when given before instead of after surgery.

New West Ortho Techs apply casts according to the doctors' orders and instruct you in its care. They offer a variety of cast colors and slings for comfort.

New West Ortho Techs are available during clinic hours for any follow up care or questions. Although you do not need an appointment to see the bracing professionals during business hours, calling ahead may prevent a wait.